We met in college.  I knew him as the boy with holes in his shoes and he knew me as the dancer with dreadlocks.  We met again out of college and I knew he would be the father of my child before I knew if we would date.  Everything happened at light speed - a few cross country moves - the pregnancy - and now the freaky and mind-blowing experience of parenting. We hold onto each other as the world keeps spiraling around.

We have a toddler named Lane Rook.  He is definitely ours...willful, strong, emotional, feral, prone to moving at the speed of his heart, to hell with the head.
This blog has so-far documented Lane's arrival and first few years of life and our experience as brand new parents.  We're currently expecting our second!!  So we won't be able to call ourselves Rookies anymore - but the play on Lane's name is still clever enough.


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