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Margo at 12 Months

Yes I'm writing this post before throwing my first kid birthday party ever.  Yes I have a hundred things to do, including wipe down the MASSIVE bouncy house in our back yard (how ridiculously awesome).  But I'm procrastinating icing and decorating a cake, so here's Margo's 12 month post!  Tada!

Appearance: Your hair is the same blonde as your brothers, meaning it has a little brown tint in it.  Your eyes are still very blue.  You have ZERO teeth.  One is kind of starting to come, but it's been like that for two months and still hasn't broken the gums.  You're very petite.  I'm not sure about your weight but you still fit into 6-9 onesies with room to spare.  Truthfully, I could still get you into 6 month onesies, but I add the -9 to make you seem a bit older.....

Eating: You're an awesome eater with no real sign of preference.  You used to eat those baby food pouches, but wont anymore if there's "real" food present.  You ate a cheesebu…

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