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Margo at 9 Months

As written about last week, you are peeeeeetite. 26.5" long and 14 and 4/5 lbs. For some perspective, you are in the 0 percentile for weight.

Often times people say things like "Oh look at her holding her head up all by herself!  Oh look at her sitting! She's doing so well!" without knowing you are NOT 5 months old, you are 9.  And you've been holding your head up for quite some time now.  You're just so tiny, how could they know?  No teeth yet, hair still questionably strawberry blonde...

Development: You can crawl belly off the floor, but choose not to.  Most times you still army crawl with your arms. Sometimes you do this sideways thing where one foot is up in a crouch the other knee is on the floor.  You're getting around though, that's for sure.  You pull up to standing on anything in your way too.  You are babbling too and saying dada very clearly.  The other day I said butterfly and and you said bu-byebye and I freaked out.

One of my favorite…

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