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Margo at 10 Months

I weighed you on our home scale and I believe you've gained a pound or two, putting you at 16, but who really knows for sure.  You are still without teeth, although this morning you woke up with a stuffy nose and drool (for the first time ever) so I think we're finally close to a breakthrough.  Your hair, while still deceivingly strawberry in photographs, is going to be blonde.

Development: You're in full FAST crawling mode and we're starting to have to intervene between siblings when you suddenly break free from the living room and crawl into the playroom, pull up on the table and try to eat Lane's tiny legos.  Keeping a second from choking hazards is considerably harder than a first, FYI.  You pull up on furniture and occasionally test your balance, but no cruising yet.  You prefer your super crawl.  You're a wiggle worm and want to grab and reach for everything.  Gone are the days of sitting you in our lap when we eat, or sitting somewhere with you, period. …

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