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Margo at Eight Months

We went to the beach last week, so I'm late for this update, but I do have amazing photographs.  All but the first two in this post were taken by the talented Melissa Jones <3.

Margo, you loved the beach.  Not in a super smiley way, but in an extremely inquisitive way which reminded me of your brother's constant state as a baby.  You kept this wrinkle in your eyebrows as you closely examined the sand by yourself and splashed your hands over and over in the water.  You didn't cry once on the sand, instead you squirmed in my arms to get back down and explore.

So, you are 8 months and a few days old.  The time has completely flown by.  I'm aware of how fast it goes, but it seems like it's going even faster and I barely ever put you down.  You've become extremely used to being in either my or your dad's arms.  

You are breastfeeding in "snacking" sessions ALL DAY.  Sometimes you nurse all night and sometimes you only eat once.  You are eating 2 ste…

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