Margo at 12 Months

Yes I'm writing this post before throwing my first kid birthday party ever.  Yes I have a hundred things to do, including wipe down the MASSIVE bouncy house in our back yard (how ridiculously awesome).  But I'm procrastinating icing and decorating a cake, so here's Margo's 12 month post!  Tada!

Appearance: Your hair is the same blonde as your brothers, meaning it has a little brown tint in it.  Your eyes are still very blue.  You have ZERO teeth.  One is kind of starting to come, but it's been like that for two months and still hasn't broken the gums.  You're very petite.  I'm not sure about your weight but you still fit into 6-9 onesies with room to spare.  Truthfully, I could still get you into 6 month onesies, but I add the -9 to make you seem a bit older.....

Eating: You're an awesome eater with no real sign of preference.  You used to eat those baby food pouches, but wont anymore if there's "real" food present.  You ate a cheeseburger (bun and onions and pickles and condiments and all) the other day.  You like oatmeal and eggs and peanut butter.  You still breastfeed what feels like 100x a day.  I know you really eat first thing in the morning and maybe twice throughout the day.  The rest are comfort nurses or just...I dunno...snacks, but there are a ton of those.

Sleeping: Nothing has changed here really.  You wake at 6am (OUCH) and nap at 9am, 2pm, and go down to sleep around 8pm.  We've tried a lot of different things to push that morning wake time and none of them work.  It's clear to me that you aren't really ready to wake up at that time, but can't put yourself back to sleep, and thanks to our early sleep training efforts, the only way to really get you back to bed is letting you cry which doesn't work for your brother who shares a room with you.  So your dad and I take turns getting up with you.

Development: You are happy almost all the time, but have started to get demanding with things you want - like being held or wanting food off our plates or my iphone.  You throw these tiny tantrums and lie down flat on the floor and lose it.  Seeing what tantrums turn in to when kids get older, I can't help but LOVE these baby tantrums.  They are so cute (and so manageable).  You are still shy around people, even ones you know.  You LOVE music.  You drum on anything that makes noise, shake anything you can, and dance every time you hear the slightest beat.

You love animals and chase Zuko and the cats all over the place.  You love clothes and shoes the way your brother loved cars.  You just learned to climb and have been getting on everything, but you still don't respect edges or know how to get down.  You have been standing on your own for a month and took two steps in a row a few days ago, but got nervous and crawled.  You're a very fast crawler and are very much a second child in that you get in to a lot of things before we notice what's going on.  

<3<3<3 Happy Birthday, little queen!

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