Lately + Progress!

In just two days, I have been reduced to a list-making machine.

I am burdened by my sense of responsibility. (alas)

I put my first offer down on my first house yesterday, and it was accepted today!!!

Now I can not stop making lists, things we need to do, ask for, buy.  Financial approximations, time limits, repairs, friends to invite to the house warming party, places to get curtains, couches, hot water heaters.

I got my sanity back with a little sun today, but only briefly.  Once something is in my mind, it's difficult to shake.  I can already predict some dream tonight where I make to-scale models of our potential new house with mini to-scale furniture.  Green for what we have.  Red for what we need.

super tiny mini rock stack

faxing our first offer


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    1. Thanks! We are so excited. Hoping everything inspects okay!!!


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