Oh my-has this week been busy.

I haven't had a chance to do any yoga.  I've been staring at computer screens as the beautiful days pass by outside my window...still a little cold for my taste but coming around.

Time is elusive.  

Once you realize it, you are already grasping at the strings of the past.  I try to overcompensate by rushing to the finish line of the future.  This is showing up all over my life, reminiscing about Lane's birth story while at the same time anticipating his next big milestone, feeling pulled in these two directions and all the while watching the clock tick the minutes of my life away in long work days.  

We choose what invisible things to have faith in.  Time is fiction.  It isn't even real.

I remind myself to watch him now, to come back to the day, the hour that the sun is shining in through the window, the cat is sleeping beside my arm, the waves of the sound machine keep Lane lulled down and I'm drinking Sundrop out of a wine glass.  

Here's some pictures of my ever-changing monster.

deceitful white gums.  Not teeth...but close!

These busy days, these hard work days, it's all whatever when I get to spend my evenings hanging out with this bright eyed baby.  <3<3


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