Dr. K

Lane had his second shot ever yesterday.  This spaced out vaccine schedule both eases my mind and confuses my head. At this rate, Lane will have all the shots a one year old should  have by 2.5.  Maybe that's an exaggeration, but it feels that way.  This time he did absolutely fine.  No fever, no fussiness, no swelling or redness or anything!  It definitely felt easier than last time, plus he got an orange band aid...my favorite color.

Zuko waits for Colt when he's out on walks, just staring at the gate.  Loyal beast.

Breakfast!  Dr. K also said Lane is still in the 85% for length, but he's only in the 8th for weight.  Dr. K- not concerned at all, but he did suggest going to three small solid tries a day (instead of the one we've been doing for weeks).  Lane's first breakfast- I'm not sure he even touched this.


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