Avocado Baby

The magic of the mesh feeder.  

When we first tried feeding Lane, I don't think he hated the food so much as the frustration of trying to pick up little pieces of avocado with his fingers.  He would pick up both of his hands and shake them around and make this totally awful face.
I told him, "You're a baby!  You're supposed to like playing in slimy stuff!" to which he said nothing, with his hands shaking up in the air.

I reluctantly spent 8 bucks on a mesh feeder and I don't think I've made a better baby purchase yet.  Lane looooves it.  Better yet, he looooves avocado.

He can pick it up without issue, he can suck out as much flavor as he wants, and it makes noise when he bangs it on his tray.  We even had banana success with this thing.

And then he took a nap in my lap.


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