Going back to "work"

Thank you universe for yoga.

My body is so different after childbirth (duh).  It's not as easy to access and move and there are strange places that hurt.  It's a good lesson, I think, to feel this way.  Before, when I could split and splice and twirl with no aches and pains, it was easy to get into my head and flow, and in turn yoga was a purely spiritual thing.

Now though, it's hard to get there when my body is nagging me from all angles.  It's been through more changes than ever before, with a stretching stomach and all sorts of blood pressure fluctuations and, you know, cultivating and sustaining a human life.  Not only can I see the differences from a woman's perspective trying to do yoga, but I bring my judgements from a dancers perspective trying to get back into shape.  My flexibility and turn out have really taken a hit and who knew your feet could get less pointy the less you point them....who knew.

prebaby. tight fabric and nappy hair. 
I digress.  After one yoga class, I'm sore.  It feels good to be sore.  In college, sore meant something was shifting.  It meant you were getting better at your art.  After 12 hour days of dancing for four years, sore was rare, was gold.

I have to push through it now, tomorrow, keep going to class, even if it starts with the vanity (I bought an insanely cute, insanely short romper from American Apparel that I'm going to fit into by May, and that's just how it is).  The benefits of daily practice, daily movement, taking care of myself, will enrich all aspects of my life.  They always do.

Power up!


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