France, Bananas, Teeth, etc.

We took a short day trip to the sleepy poet antique mall today during one of Lane's naps.

There are so many things to see in that warehouse space, it makes me think there should never be any new things created ever again.  I stumbled across a book titled "Why I'm not french (and never will be)" and without turning it over or reading the description, my heart filled with this envious darkness.  This author actually sold this book to a publisher.  It's true.  They sat down, wrote out why they aren't french, and managed to convince other people what a great read they had. 

At times like these, I try to turn my downtrodden soul into an uplifted, productive one.  I just have to do the work.  Do the work!  And all else is coming.

We fed Lane his very first taste of food today.  I haven't read up on Baby Led Weaning at all, but I think that's kind of what we're doing.  I just read "the womanly art of breastfeeding" that says, when a baby starts reaching for your food, give it to them and see what they do. 

So I did.  I gave him a small, cut up slice of banana that he could hold in his hand and, like everything, he shoved it in his mouth without even looking at it.  At first I had a little heart attack thinking he'd swallow it in it's entirety, but then I remembered babies don't innately know how to move food to the back of their throat to swallow and that's what this is all about. 

He gummed the chunk all around in his mouth, spit it out, threw it down on his highchair and proceeded to suck the remaining banana off his fingers.  Then he reached for a teether and that was that.

While we're on Lane talk, he is teething.  I finally admit it.  After being very reluctant for three months to blame his drool and fussiness on teeth since I saw nada in his mouth, I'm coming to terms with the truth now.  He eats pillows and his own wrist and cries with his fingers in his mouth only stops crying when there's something cold between his gums.

Don't let this happy face fool you.  He's miserable.


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