Lane at 5

Lane, you magical child.  You are FIVE today.

You're really tall for your age.  People often mistake you for much older and ask what grade you're in.  Thanks to your very early September birthday you won't be starting kindergarten until you're 6.  I'm so ok with this.  I'd be ok with you not starting school until you're 10.

This year has been a huge transition, what with your sister being born just a few days after your 4th birthday.  You've taken to things as best as possible.  You've been sweet, calm, completely loving, and a huge helper.  You have outbursts every now and then where you want attention and misbehave to get it.  These always happen in the evenings when we're depleted and you are tired.  The tantrums are real during these moments and you usually get sent to your room so we can all have a bit of space.  Most of the time though you are a really good kid, an amazing listener, and a sweetheart who just wants to hug and kiss and play with everyone.

You're still a very picky eater and you've gotten set in this to the point where I'm not sure what can be done.  We keep trying to get you to try new things, but it's just not happening and we resort to the few things we know you'll eat just so we won't fight you.  I keep telling myself not to worry about it - that this will resolve on it's own if we keep the pressure low, but the older you get the less I believe it.  You eat chicken (rotisserie or grilled), pasta with a particular kind of red sauce, pizza, muffins (this is usually how we hide the occasional vegetable), strawberries, bagels with cream cheese, peanut butter crackers (a specific kind of cracker and a specific kind of peanut butter), perogies, soysage and waffles.  I'm sure there are a few other things, but these are our staples that you eat 99% of the time.  Dear lord, help.

At least the sleep struggles are all gone.  You are the easy one when it comes to sleep, mainly because if you wake at night or too early in the morning a cuddle with me in bed sends you right back to sleep.  Your sister - while amazingly easy to put to sleep - will not go back down once she's up.  You go to bed at 8:30 without any trouble and wake at 7.  You still get a quiet time every day from 2-3 wherein you play by yourself in your playroom.  If you don't get this you're even more irritable in the evenings, so we can tell it's still really important for you to spend some time alone.  And us too.

You've been in swim lessons for the last few months and LOVE it.  You love going under water (which you couldn't even do before the lessons) and you love learning with other kids.  You can read simple words.  You can write your name clearly and anything else we spell out for you, which is pretttttty cool.  You're still in to painting and collage and you love drawing side by side with your dad.  You pick up random pieces of trash to bring home for collages (you got this from Colt, I swear) and the dining room table is covered in pieces of plastic and metal glued to paper.  You play video games for a limited amount of time and usually listen when we tell you it's time to turn them off.  You make your own iphone videos showing off your lego figures you make.  In the lego department, you're astoundingly creative and I can barely believe the things you build.  Your brain is wild with legos.

This year has really flown by.  If one kid changes the temper of time, two throws it into another dimension.  We're going to eat rotisserie chicken and chocolate cake all day and try to enjoy five while we have it.


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