Margo at 9 Months

As written about last week, you are peeeeeetite. 26.5" long and 14 and 4/5 lbs. For some perspective, you are in the 0 percentile for weight.

Often times people say things like "Oh look at her holding her head up all by herself!  Oh look at her sitting! She's doing so well!" without knowing you are NOT 5 months old, you are 9.  And you've been holding your head up for quite some time now.  You're just so tiny, how could they know?  No teeth yet, hair still questionably strawberry blonde...

Development: You can crawl belly off the floor, but choose not to.  Most times you still army crawl with your arms. Sometimes you do this sideways thing where one foot is up in a crouch the other knee is on the floor.  You're getting around though, that's for sure.  You pull up to standing on anything in your way too.  You are babbling too and saying dada very clearly.  The other day I said butterfly and and you said bu-byebye and I freaked out.

One of my favorite things about you right now is how you take in situations without reacting right away.  You don't flip out about loud noises or sudden sounds or darkening planetariums.  As long as one of us is holding you, you just watch the changes.  You are vocal about things you don't like, however.  You want to breastfeed for comfort often and if I don't let you, you throw your head back and close your eyes and whine in this EXTREMELY melodramatic way that is unlike anything I've seen a baby do before.  I just giggle at these moments because - well - they're hilariously cute.

Sleep: We did it.  We went 100% Ferber on you.  Before, you were eating 2x a night and always coming to our bed around 1am.  I gradually weaned you to 1x a night and consistently put you back in your crib.  Once we were comfortable with that, we cut the feed completely and did the Ferber method for each night waking (and naps) and just like with your brother, that awful method changed.our.lives.  You put yourself down for naps now 2-3x a day (meaning we give you a kiss, put you in your crib, you roll over and fall asleep).  You put yourself down for bed after nursing and songs around 7:30pm and wake up at 6am.  No fuss.

You didn't mind being "sleep trained" at all.  I think the structure actually helped you instead of what we were doing, which was sometimes letting you cry, sometimes not.  You had a night of transition, and then no issues since.  You haven't woken up at night for 3 weeks now.

Eating:  At least for now, you are the eater of the family.  You still breastfeed 8-10x a day.  You eat a small bit of fruit for breakfast, and then lunch and dinner are an all-out feast.  You eat WHATEVER we give you.  We do a lot of those pureed pouches, but you've also eaten pasta, chicken, broccoli, plantains, bagels with cream cheese, whatever we're eating - and you don't even have any teeth!


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