Highlights of 2015

It's a certain little boy's birthday today - he's just completed his first 17 hours alive.  Welcome!!

I know - I have been MIA, but I've been working toward a few other writing goals.  Did you know there are professionals out there who's JOB it is to help you kick writer's block to the curb?  They make their living by guaranteeing their services and this just blows my mind.

Nevertheless, I still want to update here on occasion for those far away family members and friends who want to keep checking in.  Plus, it's a good way to organize these pictures.  So here's a quick recap of the last three months:

The viral (in my circle anyway) french fries in the oven photo.  Lane loves fried potatoes as much as I do.

January was a good month.  We've had Lane in preschool since September which has meant a cold every two weeks or so.  January was no different and he lived with a runny nose, but that didn't stop him from giving kisses.

We cut his hair for the first time in February.  His dad did it and he sat there quietly and watched Curious George and didn't fuss or wiggle or anything.  These pictures make me miss his baby curls....

Most of February ran very smoothly and we even had a few weeks without sickness.  I was so optimistic about spring coming.  I have this irrational and semi-debilitating fear of the flu and spring means I can relax my freaking out.  Then right at the tail end of the month, Lane caught a 104 fever that wouldn't go away with medicine or baths or anything.  It landed us in the ER for the first time:

which sucked.  We spent two hours in the waiting room with a burning-hot child only to wait another hour for a doctor to say, "Well he's breathing.  Follow up with your regular doctor if he's still hot tomorrow".  I had to suck up my absolute distaste for the state of the medical system.  You get better care from webmd.....

During Lane's recovery we got 2 inches of ice here in NC.  That's not snow, that's tiny ice pellets packed down into treacherous terrain.  Colt braved it while I....

laid on the couch with body aches, chills, fever, viral pink eye in both eyes, nausea, you name it.  "Something's seriously wrong...seriously wrong" I kept saying.  I went to urgent care.  Another two-hour wait and a doctor checked me for flu and strep before concluding I had "just some virus" and prescribed me antibiotics.  Can I repeat that?  I had a virus and I was prescribed antibiotics......

March was a thousand times better:

This is what his hair looks like a month later.  I'm pretty in love with it.....

The month has been full of health and warmer weather and wildflowers in the backyard.  We've been playing a lot and Lane has been speaking so much and we're having a blast right now.  It's been a good time.

 Also - today Colt inherited this beautiful old diamond ring and upgraded my left hand. 



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