Toddler talk + everything being easier the second time through

Ah pregnancy.  This time around has been so incredibly easy compared to the first, and yet nothing is all that different other than it's the second time around.  Looking back at Lane, I had a symptom-free smooth ride but I was so nervous and stressed and couldn't wait to hit the next milestone and the next week and the next next next.

This time I'm having another symptom-free (for the most part) smooth ride pregnancy but without the nerves and the feeling of rushing it along.  I know how long 40 weeks is - A LONG TIME.  And I can just sit back and let it roll by.  I'm (dare I say it) enjoying my pregnancy, embracing my body changing, embracing the extra time I have from cutting back on my dancing and rehearsals and reading really long books.  

I know I look unbelievably sexy in these photos.  Documentation, people.  Left is 8 weeks.  Right is 20 weeks.
I've gained the same steady amount of weight, a pound a week since that test came back positive.  I am however, hormonal as all get out.  I'm crying about almost everything.  C'est la vie.

Lane has been extremely mysterious.  He likes misbehaving, as most three and a half year olds do, I assume.

He likes hiding toys behind his back and taking them to a "special place" that no one else knows about.  Today he took a toy to school in his pocket, then told us he hid it in the school oven to find later.  When I asked him why he left his toy at school, he responded "That's sometimes what toddlers do, mom".

We also asked him what he thought about <omitted> as a name for his sister and he said "I've already NAMED my sister mom!  Her name is Bracket Jacket!"  This is, in fact, the name he picked out for her on the day we found out she was a girl, and apparently it's sticking.  He has also since renamed his dad as Finn, himself as Grotto, and me as Cherry Waffle.  This is our family according to Lane.

Lane doesn't take naps anymore either.  We implement an hour of "quiet time" where we basically put him in his room to play by himself.  He can do anything in there as long as he doesn't come out.  It gives us the break we need to survive the evening, and sometimes (rarely) he puts himself to sleep during this time.  Other times, we get evenings like this:

where I shop one-handed at target while simultaneously supporting his neck.  You should have seen me try on was awesome.


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