Margo at 3 months

Behold, pensive three month Margo!  

The only stat I remember from our doc visit a week ago is that you're 10lbs now.  We are out of the "fourth trimester" which was surprisingly breezy with you.  If there has been any challenging time, I'd say it's been the last 3 days.  You've been happy most of the time, but occasionally have a 0-60 moment where you just start SCREAMING.  You DID catch your first cold and have been valiantly fighting it and sound like darth vader when you breathe so that might be part of it, or you could just be growing up and getting frustrated with your inability to move, crawl, stand.  I'm not too worried about it.  90 days of ease, I expect a hiccup every now and then.

You can roll from your front to your back and love how happy we get when you do it.  You aren't batting at toys so much as grabbing whatever's in arms reach and pulling it frantically to your mouth.  You want to chew on everything - blankets are a favorite as well as knuckles and a tiny fuzzy bunny rattle.  You also frantically suck on your hands if nothing else is in them.  Can teething start this early?

You still smile every time someone talks to you and have started the first inklings of laughs.  They sound more like smirks right now, but they're coming.  You're happy every time you wake up and greet us with huge open-mouthed grins.

Sleeeeeep.  You wake around 8:30.  You go down for about 3-4 naps a day wherever you are.  Sometimes we rock you in our arms, sometimes you just close your eyes on your play mat and fall asleep.  Yesterday you fell asleep sitting up in my arms at the dinner table.  You go to bed at night with a combo of breastfeeding, rocking, songs and you're out by 8:30 in your pack and play.  Enter the "one-hour-later" where you wake up pretty frustrated, want to breastfeed one more time, and take about 30 extra minutes of care before your first long stretch of the night.  Not sure what this is about.  Then, you wake around 2am for another quick feed and to come to bed with us and there you stay until you wake in the morning.

You're a good breastfeeder and we've just now gotten some supply regulation down so you aren't spitting up every time you eat.  Unlike with your brother when I was tracking how often he ate, I have no idea how often you feed.  I'd say once when you wake up from nap and once before you go down for another one, but really I feed you when you want to breastfeed, or when I want you to and it's as simple as that.


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