Margo at 4 Months

It's hard to believe that I started this blog when Lane was this age because I finally felt like I could deal with having a baby.  The three months prior were blurry, sleep-deprived, hormonal hell, but four months hit and I was like, ok he's smiling and still alive and so are we.

I've said it before but I'll reiterate it again, things are SO DIFFERENT this time.  Margo, you have been manageable since day 1.  You just...chill.

You still barely cry.  I think this is in part because we are really good at anticipating your needs, having been here before.  We jump on feeding you when you show the slightest sign of hunger.  We never let it escalate.  That means you breastfeed every 1.5 hours...2 tops.  This has all-around made our feeding relationship so much healthier than the scheduled method we tried to do with Lane.  We give you a bottle a week to keep up the habit just in case chaos strikes and you HAVE to take one, but I directly feed you every other time.  You're only 12lbs which puts you in the 9th percentile for weight.  Your brother is just barely over 30lbs at 4 years old.  So....ya'll just tiny.

Developmentally, you are all smiles and giggles.  We've found that you're ticklish on your stomach and laugh every time we kiss you there.  You LOVE talking and are very loud with your squeals.  You were rolling front to back a few weeks ago but have completely stopped.  You try really hard to roll back to front, but aren't there yet.  You REALLY want to bear weight on your legs.  If we're sitting with you, you try to push up onto your feet every time.  And more than any of those things, you just want to be held.

Margo and her great grandfather, Jay

You go down for naps easily still.  I think you take 4 a day but you basically just fall asleep when you're tired and you don't sleep long - only 45 minutes at a time.  Night time is consistent too - down at 8 and awake at 12.  You eat and come to bed with me and sleep again with us until around 7am.  

You just got your first round of vaccines a few hours ago which feels like a betrayal.  I hate this and appreciate it all at the same time.  I promise you'll get nothing but cuddles and kisses for the rest of the night, sweet girl


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