Margo at 5 Months

Eating: You're still solely breastfed (maybe a bottle a week - maybe) and eating every 2-3 hours.  If we're out somewhere or if your brother's around you get distracted and try to look around and end up only "snacking".  When it's just us in a quiet room you're still a quick eater and only take 5 minutes.  You REALLY want table food.

You are enthralled with us eating and try to practice chewing.  A few days ago you grabbed your dad's hand and guided a piece of mango into your mouth and didn't even slow down when it tasted new.  You sucked all the juice right out of it and kept trying to get more.  We are holding off on solids until you can at least sit up by yourself, but we do give you something to gum that we know you can't bite anything off of, like celery or carrots, just so you can participate.

Sleeping: Adios co-sleeping.  We pulled your grandmother's crib out of the attic (yes - the one she SLEPT in in the 50's) and put it at the foot of our bed.  The last 2 nights I've been enforcing a strict no co-sleeping rule.  I love bed sharing with you, but I remember breaking the habit with Lane was MUCH harder when he was older.  Plus you have taken the transition with ease.  You go down in your crib at 7:30pm.  You wake at 12am to eat and go right back down until 4am.  You wake to eat and go right back down to 7.  At 7 you wake to eat and then my lazy self brings you to bed (ok sorta adios co-sleeping) and we sleep in until 8.  This is step 1 of Ama's easy sleep training plan to prevent the Ferber hell of the past...hopefully.  Step 2 is to get you down without nursing or rocking.  But that's work for another month.

We don't really have a nap schedule.  You take 3, sometimes 4 naps a day.  You just start to show tired signs and we rock/nurse you and put you down very very drowsy (or totally out) in your crib.  Naps last about an hour.

Development: You can pick up toys and pass them between your hands.  You want to cuddle anything soft and pull it close to your body.  You've got rolling down.  You can't do anything once you get to your belly though and tend to get frustrated after a few minutes until someone reminds you that you can roll to your back again.  If you DO stay on your belly, you can turn yourself in a circle with some effort.  You aren't saying any consonants but you're talking a ton in squeals and giggles.  You are incredibly patient and wait for all of our chores or issues to be worked out before demanding attention.  And demand is a strong word for quietly protest.

You aren't too crazy about people that aren't your parents holding you or interacting with you.  With some strangers you smile big, and with others you get fussy.  I remember I thought Lane hated all men at this age because anyone who wasn't his dad would make him lose his I think this is an age thing. You still love your brother the think he is HILARIOUS and this is especially funny when he's throwing a fit about something and you're giggling up a storm.  (Sorry Lane.  I give you permission to giggle a bit when Margo's your age).  


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