Margo at 6 Months

I am not sure how we got here - half a year into your life.  It has been so different this time - because TIME is a whole different beast with a 4 year old and a baby.  I haven't been able to attend to you and watch you grow the way I could the first time.  I just look up and see that you've grown.  It doesn't help that you do it so calmly....!

Appearance: You seem chunky to me but you're still under 15lbs which is on the super small side for a 6 month old.  I guess it's those round cheeks that get me.  Your hair is slowly coming in, and in very bright light I have to try hard NOT to see the red in it.  Is it going to be red?  Sometimes it looks blonde, but sometimes it's definitely red, baby girl.  You still have a bald spot in the back and a little rat tail of black hair from your newborn days.  Your eyes are still blue as can be.  No teeth yet.

Eating: We've already fed you some solids.  I truly couldn't keep them away from your mouth.  You've had oatmeal with breastmilk, banana, avocado, peas.  Your very favorite is mango.  You get a mesh feeder and are good at guiding it and keeping it in your mouth without any help.  We give you solids whenever we feel like it - there's no real schedule here.  They're mostly just tastes anyway, not a ton of eating yet, and other than that, you breastfeed 100x in a 24hr period.  J/K.  Maybe.  You'll take a bottle without trouble and you still get 1 a week.

Sleeping: Remember that "adios cosleeping" thing I said a month ago?  It was bullshit.  We are creatures of habit who love our sleep.  You go down easily with rocking for 3 or 4 naps a day, 45 minutes long.  Then you fall asleep in your crib at 7:30, wake to eat at 12 or 1 and come to bed with us.  You sometimes eat around 4am, but sometimes you don't bother.  Then you wake for the day at 7am.  

The last few nights you've woken around 10pm and cried.  We've taken some lessons from our ferber days and let you cry, checking on you at intervals.  You put yourself back to bed within 15 minutes this way.  

Development: You sit unassisted for a few seconds, but are by no means stable enough to just plop down.  You will, however, turn yourself in a circle on your belly with ease and can even launch yourself a few inches forward.  No full-on crawling, but launching's a start.  You're very into tiny details like tags on your toys or lace on your dress.  You're much more interactive now and greet everyone with a huge toothless smile and like to have baby conversations with anyone - you love the sound of your voice.  During our last feeding session of the day, you "sing" yourself to sleep.

Happy half a year, dudette!!  This baby stuff is about to get twice as fun.  <3


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