Margo at Seven Months

We are so slack on the whole weight/height thing.  You weigh around 15lbs, maybe more or less, and you're a certain number of inches long.  I have to be honest, I don't care about these stats at all.

Eating:  You are SO active that I've deemed you a breastfeeding snacker.  You must eat 15 times a day because you get distracted halfway through.  Five minutes later you remember you were eating and pull at my shirt.  Yes, I walk around 90% of the time with a breast out.  We've let you try a lot of foods (mango, avocado, cucumbers, strawberries, pears, apples, carrots, broccoli, pizza crust, chicken) and you're a fan of all of them, but the broccoli. 

I'm not sure how much you're actually swallowing but you are a huge fan of tasting everything.  We give you table food at least once a day, but there's no method to it yet - it's just whenever we feel like it.

Sleeping:  Your schedule has stayed pretty much the same over the last three months.  Awake around 7am, hour nap at 9:30, noon, and 3, asleep by 7:45/8.  Night wakings are also the same - awake to eat at midnight and 3am.  We've done some mild sleep training.  We put you down awake now for all your naps and bedtime and let you work out how to self soothe, going in to tell you everything's ok at timed intervals.  But then I still bring you to our bed at your midnight feed and you sleep the second half of the night with us.  I'm not going to change this until it becomes a problem.  You're doing well with the self soothe, though.  I mean you still cry, but for only a few minutes now and it becomes less every day.

Development: You really communicate.  You're very aware and physically present and engaged and you have powerfully clear body language.   You get a look of determination when you want something and you reach with your entire being to get it.  We can no longer sit you on our laps when we're eating or typing (ahem like right now) because you try to reach everything around you.  You can sit on your own but for the same reasons you don't last long and end up on your belly.  And every time you see me, you reach for me with both hands and get this HUGE goofy smile like you're trying to fit me completely in your mouth.  You are moving all over the place, but not officially crawling.  You use a combo of rolling and pulling yourself around with your hands to turn circles and cross entire rooms.  

You love animals.  You love your brother.   You want someone to engage with you almost all the time and aren't keen on spending too much time entertaining yourself.  We've been taking some long car trips lately and you've held your own in the car.  Sure you've been fussy some time, but not NEARLY as much as we expected.  You "sing" every time there's music or when you hear my violin.


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