Fiesta Carolinas

This has been such a busy month.  End of holiday celebrations, my mother's birthday, Colt's birthday, Lane being a wild child, my show coming up this weekend, and the exploring we do on the regular that took us to an abandoned mall last weekend.  It's about to be torn down.  I remembered, walking through the hallways, visiting this place with my father when I was a child.

We met an old woman there who called herself Grandma (not pictured) who told me the secret to youth was a positive attitude and electrolyte-enhanced water kept out of sunlight and sprayed directly onto your face every morning.  Noted!

(P.S. See Lane's bindi?  It's actually a scab from excitedly chasing after a dog and face planting on a concrete sidewalk.  He doesn't even know it's there. shhhh)

Yesterday, in honor of MLK day, we went to the Levine Museum of the New South down town, then had a cup of coffee and a handmade chocolate and Lane was dressed in a southern-gentleman-collar-ed onesie and attracted the attention of a bunch of hipsters who couldn't get over it.  I was like - I know...I's killer.

I want all of my friends to have boys.  I don't know how 16 month old girls are, but let me tell you - 16 month old boys are exhausting and hilarious and insane.  This bug said his first two-word sentence a few days ago.  He walked into the kitchen, looked at Colt and said, "Dada home".



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