Grumpy Bees say buzz buzz

A few lovely toddlerhood tidbits:

Lane calls bumble bees GRUMPY BEES, always followed by "they say buzz buzz".

He eats lemon wedges in their entirety.

When Zuko barks, he yells "Zukee, Come!"

Things have been busy around here!  We open our dance show in a week and I get to perform alongside a dancer from Charlotte Ballet. (!!!)  I'm working on my turn-out as we speak.  We're also trying to squeeze in zoo trips on a budget and catch up on dailies.  Colt has been truly holding down the fort as I'm juggling a thousand roles away from the house.  I'm so grateful for my partner - a good father and a supporting man through and through.  I'll put up with any amount of crazy for you, baby.  I'll also try to remember I said this when the crazy hits....

If you haven't already, BUY YOUR TICKETS charlotteans!  This show has ripped out all our guts and thrown them miles away from our bodies, so you know it'll be fantastic onstage.


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