Plexus Dance

I dance the way I wish I wrote.  I just do it.  I don't think about all the things that could stop me from doing it: that my body is so different after giving birth, that I have absolutely no time to stay in shape or work on my stamina, that my flexibility is so shot compared to what it used to be, that my technique.....what technique?  Instead I blindly write down rehearsal times and show up early and warm up with my company and rehearse and follow it down the long trail to tech and put the work onstage.  I don't stop to think about it, I just do it. 

For years out of college, I found a company here or there and pushed my way in somehow, never auditioning, but understudying until they let me in or taking whatever opportunity came to me, just dancing.  And my minimum was good enough.  I didn't have to try very hard - my physicality was accessible and no one really pushed me.  From New York to Baltimore to Portland.

I had Lane, yada yada.  I breastfed and didn't leave the house for a year, yada yada.  When my friend called me and said she was moving to New York and leaving behind a spot in a dance company that was trying to put on their first show, I thought "Why not?" and called the director and committed. I had no idea I was starting some of the most satisfying dance work since college.  I had no idea Julianna would be pushing me so hard.  Her expectations for quality of movement are so fresh, and while I usually leave rehearsals feeling like my ass has been kicked, I feel better than ever because she WORKS ON THE ART.

Some painters are successful putting paint on canvas.  It takes them a few days, maybe a week.  And they stand back and say, "It's done."  Other painters work on the canvas.  They size it, they focus on sections of the painting, they craft the details or make the frame or spend time with it, hanging it on the wall seeing what it needs.  It takes them months, maybe years.  And they stand back and say, "I've worked on that until it's finished."  That's what Plexus Dance does.  Julianna works a piece until it's finished.  And by the time the work goes on stage, I'm so proud of it - I'm beaming.  I don't know what it really looks like, but I know what it FEELS like to be part of that process and to be so proud of what I've helped make.

If you're in the Charlotte area, you should come see our show May 8-10 weekend. (It's short and sweet for those of you with babes or babysitters - the shows are only an hour long).
Here's our website if you're feeling clicky, and wherever you are, you should like us on facebook and keep up with the company because I have no doubt Plexus Dance is going places, whether I'm with them (and I hope I am) or not.


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