Lately (+ some words)

I am so proud of my little boy.  He's grown up in so many ways over the last two months and is becoming an awesome kid.  He's learned how to share and loves doing it, saying "Thank you for sharing!" every time he passes off one of his toys.  He's no longer afraid of other kids and usually spies on them for a while before yelling, "Lets go play!" and running in their direction.  As long as we are careful to give him adequate exploration time whether in a bookstore, toystore, park, he leaves willingly and no longer screams when we leave, but he also isn't afraid now to tell me when he's "mad" or "frustrated".  When he needs something, he's learned to call one of us instead of throwing a tantrum.  He says, "Mommy!  Draw a bulldozer!"  to which he gets some of the following masterpieces:

bulldozer - excavator, crane truck, taxi, car, dog (really?), scooter

"Daddy, draw a crane truck" is much more rewarding, for me anyway.  Lane loves my ridiculous drawings.  

I've been back at work and have missed the crap out of him every second I'm away, and while I can still revel in my alone time or my girlfriend time with the rest of them, there's a part of my being that's constantly placed beside this son of mine.  Colt and I still lie in bed at the end of the night and sigh over him, thinking about all of the new things he's done and how he grows every time he sleeps.  We sigh about how in love we are with him and each other and really try to take in every breath knowing that the only constant is change.

These last few photos were taken with Colt's phone.  He has a gift for capturing great moments with Lane, but the quality of his flip-phone is lacking.  He could do some serious damage with a Nikon.



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