Family Beach Trip 2014

We just returned from our annual beach trip.  The week was amazing.  If there's ever obvious evidence of how fast our children grow, leave it to repeated experience to show us.  Last year  he wasn't walking, still breastfeeding, HATED the sand and sun and would only stay by the water for 10 minutes if we brought blueberries.  This year - well - 

This is his Great-Grandma June who he calls Honey Bunny Boo....

Trucks on the sand?  WIN.  Once we described the ocean as a big bath - WIN.  And just like last year when he seemed to make a cognitive leap with the new experience, this year he did the same.  The beach changed the color of his hair and his skin and taught him even more words and his sentences are clear and consistent ("Mommy, Get my water, please."  "Daddy, hurry up!  Park Park!").  Travel works well on this kid, it does.  He loves his routine but travel opens him up in surprising ways.  We've come back home already planning what weekend we can leave town again.

As for the rest of us: Colt and I had a huge epic fight the second we arrived at the hotel (to which Lane learned the sentence "It's not your fault".  I'm okay with this) and after, both of us softened any expectations and let the week roll us around like the waves.  He made me coffee every morning, I let him have at least two hours every day to himself, and we came back sweet on each other, kissing and holding hands.  I relaxed completely and feel good being home.  He relaxed once he got home and feels good about getting back into the swing of things.  Our puppy dog got a week of training and now walks on a leash like a champ, and tomorrow I'm splurging on a thorough car wash, dudes.


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