When those workin' days are through, weekend weekend weekend!

It's the weekend, baby.  Well, it's almost already over.  And that's how weekends go for me: the moment I sit down and take deep breaths it's sunday night and I'm not really relaxing - I'm preparing.  The weeks have become so long and so thick with work.  I guess I knew this time was coming.  I guess I couldn't keep taking zoo day-trips forever.

But right now it's still the weekend baby!

I hate cooking.  I know that sounds random but in the context of the weekend theme here, grocery shopping and meal planning are on the weekend to-do list and it's the one hurtle that prevents me from really digging into a nice Saturday.  Does anyone out there just totally hate it too?  It's not so much the act of cooking food - I can relax watching butter melt around garden vegetables or get into stirring a nice thick béchamel.  It's the planning and then the recipe collection and then conquering the battleground of a grocery store.  I didn't hate it before my 9-5 when I could enjoy Trader Joes at 1 in the afternoon on a Tuesday, but that Trader Joes looks entirely different at 1 in the afternoon on a Saturday.  Needless to say, the whole thing doesn't bring out the best in me, especially when I'm mid-way through making a list and I have to get up a thousand times to see what we already have in the refrigerator and I become petulant and throw my pen down and put my head in my hands.  We've been trying for a while now to plan out three nice meal weeks and rotate them, but the actual doing of that falls on my shoulders so it's probably not going to happen any time soon.

Here's a list of things I love about weekends:
1. no work.
2. Adventures.
3. sitting down at a real table for breakfast and not eating in my car or at my work desk.
4. mid-day family-style naps.

those curls!
Here's a list of new stuff with Lane:
1. we got rid of the pacifiers by trading them in for a big boy toy (we let him pick out his toy and hand over his treasures to the cashier).
2. we are transferring him to his big-boy bed because his crib (my grandmother's crib) has had some serious wear and tear and is no longer safe.  Plus, he keeps asking to sleep in his big boy bed, so-
3.  his new favorite sentences are, "Look at that mug" (in reference to someones face........).  I'm laughing too much to think of any more right now.

Now I'm off to make a birthday list (yes, mom - I'm on it) for my impending 28th!  Woohoo for weekends!


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