List making is my new working out

With 10 weeks left before baby's due date and barely any spare cash (read none) I've focused my nesting energy around de-flea-ing the house and serious list making.  Here are a few ones I think worthy of sharing for anyone having a baby in the near future/generally curious about what we're doing over here.  As promised, this includes my "essentials for a newborn" list.  I'm leaving off my general to do list which includes reaching out to HR about what the heck maternity leave actually looks like and reading every unread novel on my shelf and drinking twice my weight in water a day.

Baby essentials:

  1. Car Seat
  2. Baby coming home outfit and hat (one newborn size, one 0-3 month size)
  3. 10 0-3 month "onesies" or outfits
  4. 10 0-3 month sleeperwear things
  5. 5 3-6 month onesies or outfits (those babies grow fast)
  6. Spit up cloths/ spare washcloths (we like flannel receiving blankets. If you cloth diaper, you can also use inserts here and not buy anything)
  7. baby carrier (we like the k'tan for our newborn, with an ergo on hand when they get bigger)
  8. diapers (we cloth diaper, so we need diapers/3 covers/3 clips/diaper pail)
  9. pac and play with infant bassinet and sheets
  10. baby bath tub
  11. At least one pack of lightweight receiving blankets that you can learn to swaddle in. If your baby likes that, the blankets will work fine. If your baby doesn't, now you have blankets.  These are different from infant swaddling blankets.  In fact, they're just....blankets.
  12. underwear pads for momma
  13. lanolin nipple cream

Our birth center bag:

  1. Coming home clothes for mom
  2. underwear
  3. underwear pads
  4. applesauce and spoon/chewy nutrition bars/vitamin water for labor and for Colt
  5. 3 diapers for baby (1 cover, 1 clip)
  6. baby coming home outfit and hat
  7. lightweight blanket for baby
  8. Swim shorts for Colt (I liked being in the shower during labor and definitely wanted Colt there with me)
  9. Phone charger, phone, headphones

Freezer meals to prep this month:
(this is new for me and has been fun to compile.  I've only just started cooking, but plan to add 2 of them per week to my freezer until Sept.  Also, I'll likely be adding to the list as a whole)


  1. baked french toast x2
  2. blueberry muffins
  3. banana nut muffins


  1. assorted burritios x12
  2. pre-marinated and grilled chicken
  3. kale bites
  4. our favorite toddler muffins
  5. banana oatbars
  6. muesli cookies


  1. frozen beef patties for melts/burgers x3 servings
  2. sour cream noodle bake 
  3. enchiladas (split into 2 small casserole dishes to make x2)
  4. eggplant moussaka (split into 2 small casserole dishes to make x2)
  5. lasagna roll ups


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