Summer is a time for water, baby.

Yes I did post a naked picture of my very pregnant self on instagram.  Don't worry mom, it didn't go viral.

I woke up the morning of the start of my third trimester and meditated on this post  from my first official mothers day.  I rarely took pictures of myself when I was pregnant with Lane.  I have sporadic ones, but I can barely piece together when during pregnancy they were taken and the one consistent thing is my misery in every single one.  This time I'm not letting this experience pass me by without enjoying it (dammit).  Our girl is the last baby I'm ever going to carry.  Bring on the belly pictures - in fact lets get naked for them.

Summer so far has been a desperate search for free bodies of water:

It took Lane 4 years to warm up to splash parks.  He usually watched from the sidelines and would only reach out a hand when continuously coaxed.  But this year he's jumped in with no fear.  In the above picture he has his feet in a full-on fountain.  He would have gotten all the way in if I'd let him.  I love seeing moments like this, where he was once previously nervous or slow to adjust and now with age and security he conquers without any hesitation.  He's growing into himself.

I'm continuing to prepare for birth with hypnobabies and it's done great things for my mood.  Most of the time I'm calm, happy, feeling good about my body.  The daily affirmations are working for me.  I've been visualizing the birth I want and keep thinking that this time, maybe...god willing I'll be able to sit down for more than 2 seconds (and not have her standing up - thanks Lane).  If that's the case, I'm getting in the birth question.  Summer is a time for water, baby.


Today I have my gestational diabetes test.  We didn't do this with Lane, and I'm not happy about it.  I don't want any more blood taken out of my body, thanks.  But I'm doing it for the good of the system or something.  Really I'm doing it because I have to...


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