Vacation preparation

We're off to the beach!  FINALLY a summer vacation!

A 35week pregnant lady,

her 4 year old tantrum-toddler (I know he looks complacent in the below picture, but WHOO boy - 4 is something else)

....a whole load of self help books.

The boys will be holding down the fort.

I'm putting my trust in the strength of said fort.  Anything that could have fallen apart at our home had ample chance to during the last two weeks, and aside from some chipped paint everything is still standing.  I'm taking this full week with just my son to recenter both of us and prepare for the changes to come.  Colt is taking the week with the puppy to get our home ready for the changes to come.  Both of us will be doing our own work to get back to each other.  Expect some sunny beachy photos in the coming days!


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