I believe children understand much more than we give them credit for.  Those tiny sponges sense and feel everything in their world.  It's when it comes to communicating their feelings that things get shaky because language is an acquired skill.

Colt and I fight over semantics more than anything else.  He has a way of choosing words that don't always communicate his meaning to me, so I'll lose my cool over something he says and two hours later he'll say, "What did you think I meant?  Because it wasn't whatever you're freaking out about," and I'm all like, "Well fuck, why didn't you just say so?"

I imagine that children have the same frustrations.  They ask a question and hear an answer, but it doesn't answer the question because they didn't have the words to ask what they really wanted to know (or the adults didn't have the patience to explain how water droplets become clouds and why clouds change from grey to black and why some clouds dump rain and others dump snow and why there aren't more colors in a rainbow and, and, and...)

I believe Lane feels everything about having a baby in the house.  He feels love and he feels fear and he feels frustration and excitement and nervousness and pride, but how does he find a clear way through all of those big feelings using words to express what it really means to him?  The feelings themselves are complicated, so the words must be too.  Shit - I can barely put into words all the things I feel about Margo.

And while he can't articulate what's going on like we can, he's showing us in the only way he knows how.  He is so sweet to her, he tells us he loves her, he is gentle and kind, but he has also become very insecure this last week, needing more of us than we have to give.  We are just trying to be as patient as possible with our little dude.


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