Margo at One Month

Whoo!  One month down, 215 to go!  These four weeks have not been nearly as bad as we were prepping for, and yes part of it is that we are a thousand times more relaxed with a newborn than we were with Lane, but the other part is this easy baby.

Margo, I have no idea how much you weigh.  If I were to guess, it'd be in the 8+lb range.  You are physically a "good" baby.  You have a nice sturdy body with chubby little limbs and you're strong, lifting and steadying your head in tummy time, just like your wild brother at this age.

You don't really cry.  Sometimes you'll lose it in the car but only for a few minutes and then you fall asleep.  You fuss in the evenings right before bed, but you don't cry so much as protest out of tiredness.  I can lay you down drowsy and you put yourself to sleep.  I can't even begin to explain how amazing this is.  Every time it happens I just look at you in awe.  HOW ARE YOU SO COOL?

Feeding has been easy, again I think partially from what we learned the first time, and partially because you don't have gas or colic or tummy trouble.  You eat from one breast, then usually want to burp and have a little conversation.  Then after a short break, you want to eat some more.  Because of my previous oversupply issues, I give you the same breast again.  This goes down every 2-3 hours during the day.

At night, you start in your pack and play around 9pm and sleep until 12 or 1.  I feed you and bring your butt to bed with us.  There you stay until you wake at 5am. 5am is deemed "Margo party hour" because you want to be up for an hour....having a party...but at 6 you pull off your party hat and close your eyes in bed with us again.  There you sleep until 8am.  I could probably keep you in your pack and play the whole night, but when you sleep there you are very loud and grunt all night and have conversations with your pacifier, even though you're completely asleep, and when you sleep beside me you don't make a sound.  I prefer the latter, QT.


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