Lane at One Month

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You are almost 9 pounds now.  We give you tummy time every day and you can already lift and turn your head AND roll from your front to your back.  You kick your legs all around, but mostly you're just a little baby. 
You pretty much cry all the time.  You have a cute lower pouty lip that breaks everyone's heart.  There isn't much unique about you yet.
Who says newborns sleep all the time?  You absolutely dont.  Sometimes you sleep in the day...sometimes.  But every night you sleep 15 minutes at a time unless your dad lays with you on his chest on the couch.  We've been trying to keep you in your crib.  Trying.
You eat every twenty minutes...seriously.  Except for at night when you get excessively fussy and cry while you're trying to eat.  I had to quit my job because you eat so often and my milk supply is fantastic, but there's no going more than 30 minutes or so without feeding you.


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