Blame it on Fidel

One of the most beautiful movies.  It's on Netflix and you should watch it.

During the Democratic National Convention in my city (blocking off the routes to the birth center, I might add) I thought of this often, if Lane were six or nine and how it would happen in our politically aware house.  Big concepts on little people.  I love this movie and that hard-headed logical little girl.

A few other notes:

There's been a death in Colt's family and we've been back and forth to Shelby, which has meant a lot of time in the dreaded carseat for Lane and today it meant two pregnant women peeking in on him while he screamed his head off in the backseat.
Get ready ladies.

I had a day off yesterday and went to see Theresa and her 8month old niece, i.e. Lane's future girlfriend.  She kissed him twice on the forehead and then slapped him in the face.  He didn't care.  I see both of these things as premonitions of future love affairs.

Here's a video of him talking his head off and trying to sit up and failing.  It's truly awesome.


  1. Motherhood suits you. This new space is honest and touching. I smiled a little while I wandered around. Keep writing.



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