Lane at Three Months

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You weight 12.4 lbs, which is exactly average.  You are moving your muscles smoothly and can suck your left thumb like a pro.  You held your hands in front of your eyes for the first time today and wiggled them around.
I can see how much you've changed.  You recognize my voice and your dad's face.  Now that you can see farther you've been having meltdowns around a lot of people, getting overwhelmed and screaming. I think this has to do with overstimulation.  Around a lot of people, you can last about five minutes before you've really had enough.
We've learned that when you get consistent hour to hour and a half naps, you are a much much happier baby and go down easier at night too.  You nap in the crib and lately you've given us two long glorious stretches, from 8p-3am and then again until 8am.
You've spaced out your eating to about every 3 hours.  Sometimes I try to feed you when you aren't hungry just to keep up with some sort of routine- i think if I didn't, you wouldn't eat as you're totally uninterested and distracted.  You've started to laugh while you're eating too.


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