Lane at Two Months

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I don't know your weight or length because you still haven't seen a doctor and we are fine with that.  Your eyes are still slate blue and you have a tiny bit of dark hair around the back bottom of your head.
You coo all the time and it's freaking sweet.  You smile too, even though it's still mostly at the ceiling.  You still cry all the time, too.  There's plenty of that and it's worn us out.
We gave in and brought you to bed with us a few times and everyone slept so much better, so now we put you down after a bath around 8pm in your crib and you sleep until midnight.  Once you wake we bring you to bed.  Then you are usually up at 3am, 6am, and 8am for the day.
You're starting to eat on a schedule naturally, eating every 1.5 or 2 hours.  You eat much faster than you used to, but I still spend a significant amount of time just feeding you.  You've taken a bottle a few times, but because I can work from home we don't see a real reason to get you comfortable with it.  Sometimes you'll take a pacifier, but prefer our pinkie or your thumb.


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