Lane at Four Months


I am finally caught up.

Here we are at the four month mark!!

I feel a little guilty for not starting this sooner, but I had some privacy issues and really had to work on coming to terms with the digital age we're in.  After getting pregnant and swearing off facebook, my pictures of Lane have sat in a file on my computer for months and I feel like I've taken some of his huge milestones for granted because I haven't shared them with anyone but my cats.
I also had a lot of issues with trying to contort my old blog into a baby blog. This new life I've been granted and the extreme transformation I've had to make because of it didn't seem to fit into an old persona I was trying hard to maintain.  If I can't smoke cigarettes and talk about Hemingway or do splits on a trapeze at a late night club, I might as well start a new blog.

So here I am.  A brand new space, a four month old, a fiance, with a few back-posts to keep track and a writing new years resolution to keep.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

So, Lane:

Your head control is amazing these days.  We can put you in your Johnny Jump and you can keep your head steady.  We still haven't been to a doctor so I still have no idea how much you weight, but you look very long.  You're still bald and your eyes look hazel in certain lights, but still fluctuate often back to slate blue.

You've rolled from belly to back a few times and every second you're on your back you try to roll to your front.  In your crib, on your changing table, you are always contorted like a pretzel.  You can sit up with support.  You know who I am and smile soooo big when I talk to you.

You aren't nursing consistently anymore and I still think you could give or take the whole eating thing altogether.  You eat best at night when it's dark and noiseless.  For a few glorious weeks you were giving us twelve hour stretches in your crib!!  (really!!)  But that was short lived and out of nowhere you started waking every 3 hours to eat.  We are back to bringing you to bed around first wake.

You drool on everything now and put everything in your mouth.  You've gotten SO VOCAL sometimes and have a whole language of high pitched squeals, yet other times you are very quiet and passive and observant.


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