Margo at 2 Months

This morning in bed, your dad called you a rabbit.  He said, "Where are your ears, tiny rabbit?  You're just looking for something to nibble, where's your bunny tail?" and somehow the comparison was completely fitting.

Margo, you are so pleasant. 

You go down by yourself for naps wherever you tend to be.   You like listening to the family and sleep best when people are moving and talking around you.  At night, you like your crib for the first half of the night.  You go down in it easily after I sing you and your brother songs, and you stay down until 1am.  I feed you and just bring you to bed then, where we must sleep and breastfeed all night (honestly, I'm dreaming through all of it).  You wake around 7am.

You are perfectly content riding along and doing whatever we're doing.  You come sit in my lap at restaurants and don't make a sound, we carry you around a park or a mall and you just hang out.  You aren't crazy interested in the world yet, so you just passively ride along without caring too much what's going on.  We don't have a stroller for you (we'll probably use your brother's jogging one when you get bigger) so we always use a carrier or just our arms when we're out.

I'm guessing you're around 9 lbs.  We don't see a doc until the end of this month (and we don't start your vaccines until 4 months. Its the common practice of our pediatrician) so I don't know for sure.  You're in size 0-3 clothes, but not for much longer due to your length.  Similar to your brother here - your torso is so long that it's hard to snap the onesies, but your arms and legs are still pretty skinny and are swallowed by them.  These years are when it would be helpful to still know how to make clothes.  #lostart

Social smiles started a few weeks ago and your whole face brightens with them.  You give them away for free.  You LOVE your brother's voice and hearing him laugh almost always gets us a smile.  Also if anyone looks you in the eye and gives you one-on-one attention, they're usually rewarded with one too.

Margo thanks for two of the coolest, easiest newborn months ever ever ever.  I'm back at work today (like- literally right now) and miss spending every second with you already.


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