"wealth without work"

The "snow" came to North Carolina and, although we don't get a lot of it in our city, this was a different kind than usual.  It wasn't the big, full, fluffy snowflakes that float beautifully down from the sky.  It was tiny slushy ice pellets - gross.  I hate the cold but I usually tolerate the snow, however this snow was not cute and I assumed everyone would adopt my "lets-stay-inside-until-spring" attitude.  Lane, however, LOVED IT.  And since that day he wants to be outside all.the.time.  Yesterday Colt and Lane were outside for three hours straight.

I have been working so much.  I am up for a full time position at my current job.  And when I'm not selling my soul to an investment firm, I'm still working all weekend - dancing with two dance companies and trying to build up my strength again for aerial dance.  I'm so sore.  I took one trapeze class and have been struggling with my muscles for almost an entire week since.

I've left myself little room for writing.  It's hard, when you're at a cross roads, to decide what's best.  At my job, no one has asked me if I want to be full-time, so I haven't really thought about it and I've just been doing what I'm told.  Isn't that how it usually is?  If you follow directions you get shuffled along until you look around and wonder how you got into the slaughterhouse to begin with.

Why didn't you just walk the other way?


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