We truly did "beat him".  Lane woke up the day after my completely defeated post and was better.

Changing his diaper I peeked in his mouth and saw two top molars poking through, which makes a lot of sense.  I don't attribute anything to teething, but maybe I should consider it.  As always, everything shifts in seconds.  I was thinking about how we have to start taking Lane to the dentist when he hits 2 (ish) and how he'll have to go once a year...and as a child I thought I barely went to the dentist but what it was, what it is, is that the time between those visits stretched like silly putty, so thick and long.  Like when summer felt epic, and then you grow up and realize it's only a few months.  Being a child is experiencing moments, every single one of them.  Being an adult is experiencing the ones that serve you.  Lane is different every day because every day is the length of tons of adult days.

Anyway - just thought I'd shoot a quick update so everyone knew we weren't dying at the hands of toddler tantrums.

We enjoyed beautiful weather this weekend, taking a trip to the North Carolina mountains to see my 99 year old grandfather.  Lane had a blast and slept like a rock all the way home.  Now, we're insulated in an inch or so of snow expecting the worst of an "ice storm" tomorrow.  Oh east coast, how your weather makes me dizzy.


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