Our 4th of July

Our fourth holiday was great this year!  We began the day nice and slow with a light breakfast and lunch.  Lane and I lounged (Colt was out of town) and I tried not to let the third trimester sit-downs get to me (you know...when you sit down in your third trimester and can't imagine ever standing up again).

In the afternoon we went to our friend's apartment and Lane got to swim in his puddle jumper for the second time in his life.  PURE TODDLER JOY.  I was so exhausted that I made him take a few breaks for watermelon.  He dealt with it....but definitely preferred swimming.

Afterwards, we trekked to the country club to freeload on the fireworks. This is the best place I've been in Charlotte.  The club opens up the golf course and allows anyone to sit and watch.  Lane loves running around with other kids in the twilight, seeing the sunset (which he calls the northern lights) and then cuddling during the fireworks.

This year was the first year he tolerated the fireworks.  Last year he listened to them with his eyes closed, but this year we laid down together and watched them overhead and he picked a favorite color.  I told him he'll have to help his sister get used to them next year.


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