Baby, go relax

I've been novel-ing.  I'm 25,000 messy words in and my characters haven't left their houses.  I must be writing literary fiction.

Not to mention my I-call-him-a-toddler-because-he's-toddling has turned into a REAL ONE.

He runs to his room- closes the door to keep us out- empties his sock drawer- un-sorts all his socks- helps me re-sort and clean them up- grabs them all again- throws them in his dirty diaper pail- helps me get them out and put them back- then grabs them all again- puts them in the dishwasher- pushes the button to start the cycle- then eats a purple crayon-

the whole time saying saw, saw (sock) and it's so cute and so exhausting.

We went to the zoo on Tuesday.  Columbia had a heat spike and we were in t-shirts and tank-tops and NO ONE was there which meant an empty tram and baby freedom.  Lane walked up to the glass cages and said, "wow, wow" and called to the monkeys in monkey language and tried to catch fish as they swam past.

He can say 90% of the words in his "first words" book...I've already lost track of how many he knows.  His new word is apple, but it's mangled.  He's also got truck and boat and boy and teddy.  CRAZY.

Colt and I work during his nap, him drawing as much as he can in two hours and me using to nail a word count before we hear babbling.  Making speed art.  

I feel like falling over at 9pm, but we always re-cap the day together and miss Lane as he's sleeping.  Watching a human grow is beautiful.  It's the most beautiful thing I've ever done.


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