So last week I went under the knife, sort of.  Mild surgery that was over fast with a mild recovery and mild mild mild.  I'm still waiting to find out details about what I've got/gotten over, so please think positive thoughts for me.

In baby-news: WORD EXPLOSION.

Lane can tell me the titles of, like seven of his books. No,No,Jo - Moo,Ba,LaLaLa, The Doorbell Rang, I love you Daddy.  Granted only a parent who has listened to babble evolve into words can understand most of it, but I can't keep track of how many words he knows and says correctly on a regular basis anymore - there are that many.  Watching the panthers game today, I said "Heck yeah!" and for the rest of the night..."hekya, hekya, hekya!"

I have found, as the holiday season slowly rolls into the Carolinas, that there are two options when leaving my house (which I never want to do because I despise any weather under 68 degrees, but I know must happen because of cabin fever):

-One is to be leisurely and allow Lane to wander at his own pace through the mall, through a store, around a park.
-The other is to try to accomplish one of my goals like buying Christmas presents or grocery shopping.

This second option is really hard, like super hard, EVEN with a partner who does public diaper changes willingly and carries our 20 lb toddler through swarms of mall traffic.

So this winter, after I complete Nano, which will be in 5 days and 10,000 more words, I'm giving up on all other goals.  Leaving the house in cold weather = YUCK.  Leaving it with Lane while genuinely trying to do something that requires more than a quarter of my brain= YUCKsquared.

Goal-less Amanda.  I am going to gain weight.  Heck yeah I am. "Hekya, hekya, hekya!"


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