November has come

Lane's getting language.  Some things he says now are extremely clear.  Uh-oh, bye-bye, off, moon, wow, dada, mama, sit.  Some are words only we can decipher like sock (saw), love you (wubwoo), ball (baww), boat (bo), what's that (wu daa - said with pointing) and his very favorite word right now: light (lie! lie!)

This age is awesome.  Completely and totally awesome.  He giggles wildly when we chase him around the house, make funny faces, tickle him or turn him upside down.  When I pick him up to cuddle him he says "nenenene" like he's really trying to say "mooommm, stoopppp".  He wants to know the word for everything.  Even around our house he just stands with his pointer finger straight out and says, "wu daa? daa?  daa?" about everything he sees.

I've been working long hours (is it really only Monday?) and packing on the word count for NaNoWriMo and Colt has been taking care of this rascal.  

I come home from the office and he's discovered a whole bunch of new things that make our son laugh hysterically every day.  He goes through the line up, pretending to sneeze, shuffle-running through the house, and Lane chases him and points at him and cackles.  

This is a beautiful thing that's been happening so far in November.


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