Announcing our second!

Alright hey.

It's been a year.  Obviously so much changes in a year - especially with a kid.  Lane is now three and a half and I'm long overdue for an update on his development.  He seems to grow up every day and if I leave the house for a few hours, when I come back he suddenly has questions and is building connections I don't even expect.  More on Lane in days to come.

The big news around here is we are expecting a second!

Anyone who knows me or has been reading knows Colt and I were strict on one-and-done. No need to go into the details of that decision because that post explains it pretty dang well.  And our feelings didn't really change - not really.  But kind of.

Our plan was always to consider adopting a second.  But as Lane got older, the reality of that slipped farther away.  I've always wanted him to have a sibling in the form of adoption, but time was ticking and our financial situation was remaining the same and Colt's mental state and diagnosis is always looming over the adoption process, so I opened up the discussion of having a second.  Both of us were still hesitant, but somehow we agreed to stop using protection.

Months went by.  Neither of us got completely comfortable with the idea, but when I wasn't pregnant after half a year, I started to get comfortable NOT being.  I came to Colt and said, "Let's rethink this.  Maybe Lane doesn't need a sibling...maybe we can just relax and re-evaluate."  Little did I know I was already pregnant.


Meet baby #2.
Sex: Unknown
Due Date: Sept 12th (10 days after Lane's 4th birthday and strangely the exact day TWO of my ex-boyfriends were born on.)

One of the many reasons we were all "one-and-done" was the fact that my first pregnancy was anxiety-ridden.  I was so nervous the entire time, afraid, in panic.  But so far, these 17 weeks have been one beautiful relaxing ride down a lazy lazy river.  I've had no morning sickness, no fatigue (Although I do tire easily, it isn't like carrying Lane where I couldn't get out of bed for days), no adverse reaction at all.  I've been calm.  SO calm.  In a bubble of calm.  My immune system is killing it, I feel healthier than ever.  Let's keep it up, body.


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