Name game

Good morning Monday.
Weather above 70 all week = happy Ama.
You'll find me in the beach chair by the garden covered in bug spray, thanks.

I'm 19 weeks pregnant today and we've been playing the name game unsuccessfully all weekend.  I hate girl names.  Part of it must be being a girl myself.  I've heard every name before a hundred times except for the painfully unique ones that make me cringe at their attempt to be soooo unique.  I also hate boy names on girls (no offense Charlie's).  We will ultimately compromise on something, I just hope it's something I don't despise.  I'm open for suggestions too, but please don't be discouraged if I shoot down every single one of them as I've been doing for days.

I learned in my anatomy scan that I have an anterior placenta which is stupid for all the reasons in this piece of great internet literature.  I have felt babygirl move but only occasionally and more than anything when I compress my stomach in any way I feel my own heartbeat.

Here's to getting out in the sun and sifting through the interwebs for name name names!


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