It's a gull!

I'm only 18 weeks pregnant but for some reason my birth center wanted me to get my anatomy scan as soon as possible.  We didn't do an anatomy scan with Lane, so I didn't know what to expect.  Come to think of it - we didn't do ANYTHING with Lane other than go to a private ultrasound clinic to find out his gender around 20 weeks and count his fingers and toes.  This time around though, the new birth center requires all the testing an OB would - the prenatal blood lab, the anatomy scan, the GD test (can't wait?).

With Lane I knew immediately he was a boy when I started feeling him move.  With this baby I really didn't know - or maybe I did, but I didn't want to get my hopes up.  I wanted a girl.  And yet I kept telling myself it would be FINE either way.  If it were a boy, Lane would have a brother and we already know what to expect and so on and so on...but I wanted a girl.  It didn't help that my pregnancy has been IDENTICAL to Lane's so far.  No sickness, no fatigue, no nada.  The only difference, and I mean the only one, is that I'm relaxed this time and was stressed with Lane.

So yesterday we went to the ultrasound and I was trying my best to suppress all expectations.  The tech took her time with the heart and the brain and FINALLY told us with confidence we're having a girl!  And all those suppressed expectations came pouring out in spontaneous tears.  I'm having a baby girl!  Or as Lane says, a baby gull.  Really he says "Gull baby"

Girl at 18 weeks:

Lane at 17.5 weeks


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