Killing Christopher Dorner

Last night I watched as much as the media would show me as someone was set on fire.

The details were obviously obligatory and unclear, but I saw what I saw and there is no doubt in my mind that someone was intentionally killed- and then left to burn and burn and burn.

Whatever that person did or didn't do doesn't even matter.

Murder is murder  (#lapd)

I watched the reporters on every news station- no one wanted to say anything disrespectful, but if there are wrongs being committed and we have all of the resources to see it, isn't it someone's job to report it?  I'm waiting for you New York Times.

To me, this was different than the senseless gun violence that has affected our country, it was specific and based in common sense and it wasn't excessively violent on anyone's part but the police's-

America needs less complacency.  Otherwise everything important stays tucked away in our stomachs and we never move the world and I'm not saying we should all go out and shoot wrongdoers because "wrongs" are subjective, really-

but I am saying I don't think Christopher Dorner should have been proven guilty before he had a second of innocence.

In sanskrit those purified by fire are the agnishvatta-pitris.  Rest in peace, bear.

(update: I should say that I also have sympathy for everyone affected including the families of the victims.  The truth is, I never believe war is fair).

But that's not what a baby blog is supposed to be about...

Despite my heavy heart, here are some pictures of my son who's feeling better (finally!) and who's world can't be brought down by politics.  Just another reason I cherish him.

We call this look "pensive plus"

He was pooping here.....

This is what he thinks about news.



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