Lane and the big dogs

Someone is absolutely and totally in love with big fuzzy animals.  Is he related to my mother?

Things have been going so much better now that Lane isn't sick.  I can't tell you how awful first colds are.  
These middle days of February find this family sneaking along with house-hunting, watching a lot of ninja turtles and eating a lot of cheese-less pizza.  

We also fly Lane around the room now to keep him entertained.  He flies from bed to jungle gym to highchair to Johnny Jump all in a matter of minutes as his attention span is short and he wants to do things, touch things, eat (all) things every second he's awake.  I can't imagine toddler hood.  

Is it possible they get all their energy out as babies and then become calm complacent toddlers that like to sit at the table and draw for hours quietly with their dads?  


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