Lane at Five Months

You are a relatively small baby at this point.  You're long but not chunky at all, and I'm okay with that.  Your head is perfectly shaped and your eyes still change back and forth from green to slate blue.  We moved you up to the biggest cloth diaper size, and although we still have to do some clever folding and bunching around the waist, you aren't in newborns anymore!  This also means that you look a little strange in clothes because you have such a mass around your waist and butt, but who cares about them looks.  You are a total charmer to strangers right now and I hear what a beautiful baby you are all the time.  Since I'm so incredibly biased and think you are just freaking perfect, I chalk this stranger-love up to the way you smile at them.  You are totally our child.

Every time we put you on the floor now you roll to your stomach.  You sleep on your side in your crib and a few times we've found you accidentally on your stomach and very upset about it.  You are so vocal, and extremely loud- I didn't know babies could be so loud.  When you talk to your dad or me, you basically scream.  With other people though, you still mostly coo.  You can sit pretty well with support but always topple over the second we let you go.

You are solely breastfed still, and won't even take a bottle.  Colt tried once this last month and you clamped up and held out until I got home.  You watch us eat but don't really seem that curious.  We even let you smell food and put it right in front of your face, right in front of your mouth even, and you don't even open up.  You don't care about it yet.  Instead you are a consistent breastmilk eater, wanting food every 2-3 hours, and only from Mama.

Your night time sleep schedule is officially consistent (whatever that means to a 5 month old).  You sleep in your crib for all naps and from 8pm-12am.  Then you eat and come to bed with us.  You usually wake once to eat around 4am and again at 7am.  At 7, I always try to feed you back down until 9am.  Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't.  Last month you were getting really good at putting yourself to bed and we could set you down in your crib while you were awake until you soothed yourself.  This has totally changed.  We are back to rocking you to sleep or holding you and walking around the house until you're out, and then setting you down.  If we put you down awake, you just scream louder and louder until we come get you.  It's alright little Lane, I rock you willingly.  Most of the time.

Overall, you are much more interactive and predictable.  We've even gotten gutsy and taken you to a few restaurants.  On this particular day, you are ever so slightly sick with your first cold, but it's manageable and I'm doing my best to keep it that way.

You are such a bright light in my life.  I love you little creature.


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