I've had somewhat of a modge-podge draft post in the works for the whole week.  I've deleted the entire thing accidentally, so this will be a summary.

1. At one point last week I thought I was going to have a heart attack when Colt suddenly doubled over with kidney stone pain and my mom had to step in and watch Lane for a few hours while we tried to manage it.  That was not only a horrible experience but a generally horrible day as I got lost while trying to find my desk at the office (i really don't go in that often) and got slammed with other people's work and had to pick up and leave everything to help at the house while Colt was overwhelmed with hurting.  I found myself a few hours later feeling torn between three strong forces, hungry baby-fiance in serious pain-persistent work, all at the same time and my heart felt like it was going to explode under the pressure.  Thankfully I prioritized and Colt got through it and we all survived.

2. Somehow I found time to write a paper for a friend on the Bhagavad Gita and in my exhausted state, I'm not sure how it actually came out, but I do know it made me miss the early mornings I spent meditating in my office before writing.  Those days, I thought writing was impossible while trying to take care of Zuko, the puppy.  I'd shut us both in the office and try to concentrate for a few hours while he'd destroy whatever he could find.  These days with an almost 6 month old, I think of my former self as a wimp.

 3. I got a notice from my bank that it's my one year anniversary of having an account with them and I actually got kind of weepy.  That means it's been a year since we left Portland, a year since we stopped banking with Umpqua, the bank that gave you cookies and coffee each time you deposited a check.  The bank thing, whatever.  The Portland thing, it feels like real grieving.  We were our happiest there.

4. I spent a lot of money on a convertible car seat as Lane's weight is still on the low end but his length is out of control.  His feet hang out over the end of his infant carrier and it was time for a change.  We've yet to install the beast of a car seat in my tiny, two-door yaris, so we'll see how that pans out, but here's a picture of sweet-lips napping for probably the last time in his infant seat.

Last but not least, my three boys settling in for sleep. <3<3<3


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