The year of the wooden horse

Goodbye 2013.

Many beautiful and wonderful things happened during your twelve months, some highlights being I bought a house and my son started walking and talking.  I have high hopes for next year, including some very lofty writing goals.

I've decided there is nothing wrong with multiple personalities online, and also that the goal of my poetry project is to let poetry seep out through all of my cracks.  I will be posting the dailies next year everywhere I can, on every outlet I frequent.  Therefore you can look for a poem/illustration a day throughout 2014 from me (and Colt) here or wherever you choose to read mixed in with other posts I will keep up with too (a-writer-must-write, a-writer-must-write).

A reminder:  I’m not making any edits to these words.  They are as I wrote them years ago.  Some of the poems may be vague, some of the grammar may be….or may not be, some of it may make absolutely no sense or may resonate perfectly, but I’m not censoring a single word I wrote, for better or worse.

Happy New Year!


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