The day came.
Did it ever come.
I can stop calling this a Potential New House and finally call it my home.
I closed at a closing table and felt so fancy, signing a thousand documents and marching in through the front door.

We broke a light fixture within five minutes trying to change a light bulb and then Colt pulled poison ivy out of the ground with short-sleeves on and I was paranoid for the rest of the day that I'd caught it (I still think it's going to show up sometime soon....) and then we were all stumped by the childlock on the refrigerator ice dispenser and thought it was broken for good and then moving with an 8 month old...whaaat?  Way harder than I anticipated.  BUT!

We are spending our first night in our house and the rain is sprinkling outside and all of my list-making-OCD-ness has slowed down and I'm sitting at a kitchen table facing a corner-window feeling mighty lovely and fine.

Here's to good weekends all around.




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